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Urban Public Transport Active Preference

                                                       We concentrate on 4 essential factors: speed, fluency, safety and cost saving.


  • Do you need to ensure faster and safer passage of public transportation vehicles and integrated rescue service teams (IRS) through regular urban traffic flow?
  • Would you like to cut down travel times and see public transport as a much more attractive option for passengers?
  • Are you trying to find ways how to reach economy savings and maintain top quality at the same time?
  • Are you looking for ways how to increase quality of services and travel comfort for passengers using public transport?


Rely to us!

Our customers are mostly transportation companies, private transporters operating public bus lines or urban mass transport routes, and fire & medical emergency services, the police teams and other.

We approach each customer individually as we respect specific priorities of each entity, in addition to cost saving options.

  • Transportation companies usually prioritize smooth passage of public transport vehicles, especially through locations with higher traffic density. This is an important aspect for speeding up urban mass transport thus increasing its passenger travel quality
  • Private transporters emphasize cost saving while at the same time they explore ways how to improve traffic fluency and shorten passenger transit times. Increasing the number of travelling passengers is also a priority in order to strengthen their position compared to big transfer operators in cities
  • Fire brigades, medical emergency teams and the police forces emphasize improved safety of passage of IRS vehicles through intersections for IRS drivers as well as for other participants in the trafic flow


In principle, all interested parties agree on faster passage, enhanced safety and optimized costs. We address these needs by providing our customers with a three-level system for active preference of public transport vehicles and a superior three-level system for active preference of integrated rescue service vehicles.

System integration with traffic lights helps shorten travel times and increase safety during vehicle passage through intersections with minimum effect on personal transport. Our solution enables complex and optimized setup for the customer who is then able to maintain a high standard of provided services, even with a low number of operated vehicles.

Our preference units are compatible with all types of controllers supplied for traffic lights and their installation is possible in all types of urban transport vehicles (i.e. brands like SOR, Solaris, Karosa).




Public Transport Vehicles

  • Faster and streamlined transfer, higher preference among passengers, higher revenues
  • Improved efficiency, fuel economy, shorter travel time, better adherence to time schedules
  • Public transport operational costs have a lower impact on the city budget


IRS Vehicles

  • Smoother, safer and faster passage through intersections & traffic lights in the city
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Shorter travel times to destination points
  • Improved safety, lower incident rate, lower number of injuries or fatal cases


Other Benefits

  • As proven by a survey, better serviceability of public transport is the underlying reason which slowed down the growing rate of individual automobile transport. The new trend is to give preference to public transport
  • Cutting down travel times helps to reduce costs expended for fuel, purchase of public transport vehicles and wage payments
  • The system can be installed with all types of controllers used in the Czech market
  • The system allows to set up different preference levels for public transport (in respect of delays relevantly to the travel timetable, importance of the operated line, or predicted occupancy of the line)
  • The system sets up priorities for IRS vehicles
  • Reducing CO2 and NO emissions produced by buses in public transport



Core Functions

Autonomous radio transmission preference system (ARSP) is a device used for contactless transmission of demand for preference of a vehicle approaching an intersection. This includes public transport vehicles (buses, trolley-buses) and IRS vehicles (fire and medical emergency teams, police).


Principles of Functioning

After the vehicle travels into the detection zone, the computer compares pre-defined parameters with the actual time (bus timetable in the case of public transport vehicle). The on-board preference setting unit transmits a demand for prioritized passage through an intersection, along with other traffic data, to the controller. The receiving unit which is mounted on the traffic light controller analyzes the demand and if all criteria are met, it regulates smooth passage through the intersection.


Device Variability

  • Only one device is installed at the intersection without any regard to the type of demand for preference – either public transport or IRS vehicle. The programmed software controls and assigns priority levels to received demands
  • IRS vehicle preference has precedence over public transport vehicles. The system recognizes demand for preference of fire teams, medical ambulances and the police. Demand received from a fire team has precedence over all types of demands, and demand from an ambulance has precedence over the police. The device detects from which direction are vehicles approaching the intersection.


Technical Data and Technology

The preference unit can be applied on all types of controllers installed in the Czech Republic. Sufficient capacity is the condition.

Essential system elements:

  • The preference unit installed on the traffic light controller (which regulates traffic through the intersection) ensures receipt of demand for preference transmitted from an oncoming vehicle and transfer of analyzed data into the controller.
  • Radio-modem for two-way wireless data transmission between vehicle and autonomous radio transmission preference unit.
  • The preference unit communicates with the on-board computer in the vehicle which is standardly interconnected with GPS or a distance counter (odometer). Connection (data exchange) with preference unit on the traffic light controller is ensured through wireless radio data communication.


The device and all associated components or accessories are certified by the Electrotechnical Testing Institute (EZU) and the Czech Ministry of Transport and authorized for operation on ground communications and protected by the right to industrial design.



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