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Tram signal head is a device used to inform drivers of rail vehicles or other vehicles (buses, trolleybuses), as the case may be, using special lanes controlled by a tram signal head. Tram signal heads are mainly used at road and tram traffic crossings, at the points where the roads cross over the tram line or the tram line branches off.


Technical description:

This single-chamber signal head unit, enables visualisation of the "Stop" or "Clear" commands in up to three directions, in those places controlled by traffic light signals. The signal head permits or denies the driver of the tram set to drive in the given direction. Use of the relevant combination of signals is specified by the transport solution.
The signal head is designed as four separate segments placed on one PCB. Each lighting disk consists of two connected parallel chains of LEDs. In the event of a breakage of one of the chains, the light intensity of the other functional chain increases to meet the required light intensity of the disk. In the event of a breakage of the other chain, the disk goes out and the input is immediately reduced from 16 W to 1.5 W. An eventual failure of individual lighting disks is signalled on the rear side of the electronic panel.
The signal head contains protective elements against disturbances coming from the external environment. The signal head input is chosen to comply with the currently used traffic controllers or, where appropriate, it can be adjusted to meet individual requirements.
Tram signal heads are designed in compliance with ČSN EN 50121-4, ČSN EN 50293, ČSN EN 61000-3-2 and ČSN EN 61000-3-3. The device is approved by the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic for installation on roads.


Basic technical data:  


 Tram signal head


  3 kg without fixing lugs


 ELT – TNL 05 (230 V AC)

 Dimensions (W x H x D):

  270×360×240 mm

 Source of light:

 White LED


  IP 54

 Supply voltage:

 4 × 230V (40V) / 50Hz

 Operating temperature:

  -25°C až +55°C

 Total light input:​

 4 × 16W / (6W)

 Brightness of lighting disk:​

  20 000cd/m2




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