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Telescopic LED trailer









Trailer-mounted device carrying an advance warning panel on a telescopic (winch-style) mechanism; displays variable message signs – VMS to inform drivers about road sections (on motorways, highways) under repair or construction  works. Intended for use at a single determined location for a short time period (counted in days) with high truck traffic frequencies.


Basic Information:

  • Intended for use on road communications to inform drivers about travel changes in traffic lanes, about actual traffic incidents or queues, etc., displaying information on telescopic variable message signing.
  • Autonomous system with unattended operation designed to run for approx. 24 hours in standalone mode
  • Active surface of VMS (2 800 × 1 500 mm); active surface of telescopic VMS (1 200 × 2 100 mm); both versions display signings on discontinuous conduction mode panel based on LED.
  • Maximum height of operational platform for telescopic VMS is 7 000 mm.
  • Intuitive remote control via web interface from tablet, including transfer of all operational data and GPS location.





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