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LED Traffic sign - pedestrian crosswalk

Manufacturer: ELTODO, a.s.ELTODO, a.s.
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LED Traffic sign - pedestrian crosswalk

This product is designed for supplemental illumination and additional highlighting of pedestrian crossings. In one single block, it comprises a lighting unit for crossing illumination, and the IP 6 lit-through traffic sign that can be supplemented with an independent contrast frame. The IP 6 traffic sign may additionally be supplemented with an LED flasher located under the sign in a contrast frame, or possibly the LED-highlighted flashing contour of the sign or with a pedestrian silhouette, and other accessories as requested by the customer.
As with other pedestrian crossing illumination lighting units, the lighting unit here has an asymmetrical luminosity characteristic, highlighting in a positive contrast the pedestrian moving along the crossing. As per the local traffic situation, another traffic sign can also be used to order (e.g. the “Watch for Children” traffic sign).
The product contributes to higher safety of the road users, primarily to that of pedestrians on crossings.

Technical Description:

In one compact block, this product comprises the lighting unit for illuminating pedestrian crossings, and the IP 6 traffic sign luminously highlighted, or another traffic sign whose type designation is stated for locations xxx.
The lighting unit’s luminous and technical properties comply with the OP 03 lighting unit. The lighting unit has the left- and right-hand radiation characteristic. The left-hand characteristic has a left-hand fixing; the right-hand one has a right-hand fixing.
The product is one-directional and recommended for installation on sheet metal bent crossing pole extenders depending on the luminosity technical calculations (Recommendation: 1 m ahead of the crossing’s entering edge and the extension of max. 1.5 m. The extension length depends on specific installation conditions. The lighting unit’s suspension height is usually 6 m, always lower than the height of the public lighting system pole.)

On a four-lane road divided direction-wise, the lighting units are placed above both lanes in the given direction; poles may be located at the walkway side and in the median division strip, as allowed by local conditions.
The crossing illumination power supply is provided either from the public lighting system grid when the times of turning these units on/off are identical with those of the public system, or these times are resolved by separate connection to the LV system or to a permanently supplied branch from the BB circuit with its own control as per the customer’s wish. The control may be included in the delivery.
The supplemental pedestrian crossing illumination is regularly realised by the lighting unit furnished with a white colour halide discharge lamp; the lighting unit may, according to the customer’s wish, be equipped with a standard high-pressure sodium discharge lamp. Using a discharge lamp with a different colour tint and a different luminous output, as compared to the street lighting system installed, is significant for crossing highlighting and necessary for its distinction from the regular street illumination.
Every additionally illuminated crossing must be resolved separately for each project and based on technical luminosity calculations and the CIE recommendations for luminous intensity. In the project, special attention must be paid to the lighting unit position above the crossing (the height, extension, even light distribution, and preventing drivers from getting dazzled).