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Acoustic Device for Visually Impaired Pedestrians

Manufacturer: ELTODO, a.s.ELTODO, a.s.
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Acoustic Device for Visually Impaired Pedestrians

Acoustic signalling to visually impaired pedestrians enables recognition of traffic light signals and GO (green). The resolution is based on differently timed frequency of signals (timed impulses) transmitted by the acoustic device. Slow frequency of signals with longer time intervals is for STOP (red) and the fast-paced frequency of signals is for GO (green). The acoustic signalling device helps the blind person to safely recognize when is the STOP or GO signal lighted in the intended walking direction.


Technical Description:

The device enables automatic switchover of supply voltage 230VAC/150VAC.  Therefore it is suitable for traffic light controllers with so-called night-time regime for power feeding (150VAC). 
Signalling is installed into the signal device enclosure or onto its outer wall. It is electrically interconnected with a 3-conductor cable (i.e. three separate wires) in parallel with the raceway sheltering the existing light signalling for pedestrians.