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The luminous traffic signs and information signboards are used as vertical traffic signage, and for providing traffic     and other information, primarily in locations where these symbols need to be highlighted, e.g. in tunnels.

The CSN 018020 standard stipulated the sign dimensions, and the symbols comply with the MDS VL 6.1 “Specimen Card”. As per reasonable requirements of the designer or customer, it is possible to use the symbols placed on the LTS or adapt dimensions of the box. The product may also be used, for instance, for general information or for propagation purposes. It can be fixed to walls, e.g. in tunnels, poles, portals, and others. Special fixing structures are delivered for these purposes. Traffic signs or information signboards may be supplemented with the S 7 one-sided or two-sided flasher (210 mm or 300 mm in diameter).


Technical description:

Luminous traffic signs are available in one-sided or two-sided models and they are usually delivered as type ones.

The box skeleton is welded of aluminium or stainless channels that guarantee high structural rigidity at low weight. The lit-through front wall (and rear one in the two-sided model) is made of matt polycarbonate with the traffic sign symbol or information stuck on. When stuck outside, the symbol is apparent even without lighting through; it is highlighted when lit-through. When stuck inside, the symbol is only apparent when lit-through.

18 –24W contact fluorescent tubes or another suitable low-cost luminous source are used for illumination. The box is furnished with openings and outlets for supplying cables.

Fixing structures, either fixed, or adjustable in several planes, may be delivered with the product.




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