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Intelligent stops serve to improve orientation of travelling public on their routes across the urban area by means of urban public transport. Intelligent stops are typically equipped with information panels located on the stop column. The panel selectively displays the stop name, date, time and information about different lines and transfers, i.e. travel direction, departure time, remaining time to the arrival of the next line / vehicle. Passengers are constantly and quickly informed about the current state of public transport lines. The display panel is easily discernible from a distance longer than a regular printed timetable; this improves the travel comfort for passengers.

Intelligent stops serve to provide better instructional information to the public travelling by means of urban transport. Typical amenities installed at urban transport intelligent stops include information about extraordinary traffic situations – closures & detours, substitute lines, etc., this information is placed by the operator on a separately displayed line on the panel.


Basic Data:

  • One-sided or both-sided versions
  • Resistant to vandalism
  • Different types of display outputs with excellent readability
  • LCD
  • LED
  • E-Ink/ChLCD
  • Table or case for placing travel time schedules
  • Column with fixing system for variable mounting of accessories
  • Possibility to include a waste basket


Technical Description:

The information panel consists of LED – modules which form text lines at 35mm height.

The panel rests on an aluminium framework with an openable plate covered with safety glass. The bearing framework has air vents with filters on its sides which prevent water and dust intrusion in the casing.

Intelligent stops are supplied in one-sided or both-sided versions.

Updated traffic information is being transmitted to the intelligent display panel through GSM modem from the operator's information system. The communication protocol can be individually set up according to the superior system operated in the area.

The intelligent stop workmanship is in compliance with Czech technical standards ČSN EN 50121-4 ed.2:2007, ČSN EN 60950, ČSN EN 61000-3-2 and ČSN EN 61000-3-3.




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