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Countdown pedestrian sign ELS-ON / LED









The countdown pedestrian sign ELS - ON / LED indicates the time interval which remains to the next change-over moment between GO and STOP signals for pedestrians at crossings with traffic light signal systems. This amenity is intended to minimize risks in pedestrian conduct at crossings, and to improve both types of traffic flow, pedestrian and road traffic, at junctions and points where both types – pedestrian and road traffic – meet and aggregate.


Technical Data:

  • RGB full color display with high-luminosity LED
  • Possibility to display numbers from 0 to 199
  • Possibility to display a circle consisting of 12 segments, or individually display a randomly chosen segment
  • Adaptive automatic mode without the necessity to be connected to the traffic controller
  • Fixed time schedule
  • Control function with reliance on the traffic controller or other controller type (RS 485) within the installed system 
  • Safety switch-off function in the case of failure of the dependent traffic signal, or even in the case of the equipment breakdown
  • Automated control of luminosity levels on the basis of integrated digital illuminometer 
  • Customizable configuration of the equipment function according to requirements placed by the client (chosen colors for displayed characters, color wheel, countdown mode, wheel mode, flashing, interval indication
  • Possibility to integrate with any standard traffic signal enclosure






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