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Advance warning LED trailer

















A trailer carrying advance warning signalling equipment to give advance notice to motor vehicles about road repairs or motorway sections under repair works. Intended for functioning at a single determined location for short-term use (counted in days).


Basic Data:

  • Intended for operational use on road communications to inform drivers about redirected traffic lanes and passability, traffic incidents, queues, etc.
  • Autonomous system with unattended operation designed to run for 48 hours
  • The active surface for variable message signing (VMS) uses discontinuous conduction mode based on LED with display panel  ( 2 800 × 1 500 mm )
  • Intuitive control enabled through web interface from tablet, including transfer of all operational information and GPS location. 


Basic technical data

Dimensions of the LED panel:

1534 x 2800 mm with the light flux angle B4 / EN 12966-1 Standard

Trailer frame:   

1 axis, width 1980 mm, length 2930 mm, unladen weight 750 kg

Supply system:   

mains 230V AC + battery for 48 hours operation

Communication system:

Ethernet / RS422 / RS485 / RS232 / GPRS, WIFI

Panel Standards:

EU 12966-1 EU safety standards for signs and trailers



Protection's IP 55.

Panel brightness is controlled automatically based on the ambient light as per standard ČSN EN 2966-1. Flashing signs S7 as per standard ČSN EN 12 352 are attached to the top of the panel. Power supply provided in anti-vandalism design


Control system

Trailer is equipped with a processor control unit  which provides control of the panel and the lifting servo device.

Device is included in the system of LED panels, a GPS unit and a modem.

Possibility to negotiate through GPRS modem  with the center and to  send information to the center.

The control system can be connected, in case of network availability, via Interface Ethernet.





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