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Art.No.: HS 02
Manufacturer: ELTODO, a.s.ELTODO, a.s.
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The historical mast called “Vyšehrad” is cast from grey cast iron and fixed to an anchoring base. Normally one or two lanterns are fixed on 600 mm long arms to the mast. The most common co- lour shade is “anthracite grey”. A casting of the city emblem can be placed on the base of the mast if the customer so requires.


This type of mast was first used during the reconstruction of the lighting in the  historical centre of Vyšehrad. This was the seat of the Bohemian rulers from the reign of Vratislav II to Soběslav I,i.e. until 1140. During the reign of Soběslav (1129) the Basilica of St Peter and St Paul was also extended and some of the mem- bers of the ruling dynasty were gradually buried in its crypt: Vra- tislav II, his wife Svatava, Konrad I, Soběslav I and Soběslav II. Under Vladislav II the seat  of the Bohemian rulers was moved back to Prague Castle.



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