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Art.No.: HS 2380
Manufacturer: ELTODO, a.s.ELTODO, a.s.
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The “Krizik” historical mast has a welded shaft made of steel pipes. There is a robust cast iron base with many decorative features on the bottom. Cast iron frames with a door form part of the base under which the mast equipment is installed. There is a single or double boom arm at the top of the mast with forged leaves and cast iron ornaments. The boom arm ends with the light fitting.


The “Krizik” mast model dates back to 1903. At the time it was equipped with an arc lamp for which František Křižík won a gold medal in 1881 at the World Exhi- bition in Paris.This historical mast was installed for the first time in front of the Rudolfinum or House of Artists, where Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk was elected President of the Czechoslovak Republic in 1920, 1927 and 1934. Currently the Rudolfinum is the eat of the Czech Philharmonic Ochestra and the Rudolfinum Gallery. 



1 000 cm

 Weightcast iron base

820 kg

 Total weightof the set 

1 160 kg

 Max. diameter of the  cast iron baseax. 

72 cm

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