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Art.No.: HL 02
Manufacturer: ELTODO, a.s.ELTODO, a.s.
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  • designed for lighting the historical city districts, castles and gardens where they can highlight the unique charm of the atmosphere
  • its design is adjusted to incor- porate the historical applications – e.g. evokes the atmosphere of Vyšehrad as the seat of Přemysl while taking into ac- count further building develop- ment and its current purpose
  • its shape is based on the original gas lamps designed in 1862 by architect Aleš Lindsbauer
  • the individual parts of the lantern are cast from grey cast iron
  • the integrated parabola aims the luminous flux in the required direction
  • the refracting glass prevents drivers and pedestrians from being blinded by the light
  • cover of the optical part IP 65
  • light source: 50–100 W high-pressure sodium-vapour lamp or LED source