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Mast foundation

Embedding of the anchored mast into the foundation is carried out by sliding it into a sleeve. Then the mast shall be fixed in vertical position using wooden wedges and the sleeve filled with loose material, usually with sand. The filling material shall be compacted. The mast may be slid into the sleeve after complete curing of the concrete foundation. Inner diameter of the sleeve is usually by 100mm larger than the diameter of the mast, to enable good compacting of the fi lling material. Such foundations enable easy replacement of the mast e.g. in case of a reconstruction or any damage. The cable inlets and outlets through the concrete foundation shall be made inclined downward in direction from the mast and located on opposite sides of the concrete foundation.


Flange masts are seated on anchoring seats that are included in standard delivery. The anchoring seat is made as a weldment of concrete-reinforcing rods without any surface treatment for better connection with concrete. When seating the mast seat into the foundation pit, the upper foundation plate shall be in horizontal position to guarantee correct position of the mast. A cable protective pipe shall be inserted into the seat structure before the pit is filled with concrete. Where the seat cannot be installed, e.g. on bridges, in subway protective zones or due shallow laid buried services, use standard anchoring techniques.