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ICT Complex services

                                                                    "You can concentrate on your goals while we take care of everything else for you."


  • Are you looking for ways how to optimize your IT environment administration?
  • Are you in lack of necessary professional skills or experience in IT services?
  • Do you need an increased volume of investments into your core business areas while minimizingother costs?
  • Are you looking for an optimum solution to ensure complex outsourcing with scalable services?
  • Do you want to have a clearly defined cost scheme for your IT?


Rely on us!

We offer a complete package of ICT services, among other “IT Infrastructure Outsourcing” and “IP Telephony Outsourcing” as the underlying scope of our ICT activities. Provided services are phased from initial on-site analysis of the current situation to the completion of a new solution design followed by the implementation phase,
and finally provision of post-implementation support & maintenance services, monitoring and administration. Accordingly to the given situation, we can concentrate in more detail on specific areas & usability of the installed solution (security, network permeability, optimized workload performance of IT infrastructure, data backup
storage and recovery, etc.).

Optimize your IT risk & failure management and entrust your IT infrastructure to an experienced team of specialists! As a rule, in our work we take an individual
approach to each of our clients and we exert our best effort to customize the solution accordingly to the client’s specific environment. In providing our services we observe the goal to ensure IT support in the extent fully responding to the client’s business requirements. We offer a service which dynamically responds to your actual business needs.



Cost Reduction

  • Reduction of costs for IT or ICT infrastructure by almost 40 %
  • Significant cost saving for technical support


Predictable Expenses

  • You will be able to cover costs on the basis of a pre-defined cost expenditure scheme
  • You can predict IT costs minimally for the next 2 years in advance
  • Payment terms are set up according to the client’s financial possibilities


Flexible Approach

  • Fast and faultless alteration of the service level or scope of services
  • Independent of the chosen operation system
  • Continuity of required processes



  • IT outsourcing – administration support and maintenance of end devices, servers, computer and communication networks, firewalls, including monitoring and technical support
  • IP telephony outsourcing (CISCO, ALCATEL) – administration and maintenance of IP networks, end stations and exchange centers
  • Office 365 migration upgrade for users
  • Complex services provided at all levels – from the new solution proposal & design or existing IT or ICT system optimization model (devised per specific environment) to the implementation and administration levels
  • Network and technology installations monitoring – proactive monitoring aligned with client-specific requirementsa



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