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Cloud services

      "The result of intelligent services and cutting-edge technologies helps you win the lead over competition."


  • Do you need to optimize your IT infrastructure?
  • Are you lacking sufficient knowledge and experience in cloud services?
  • Are you looking for a convenient and secure off-site location for your geographically remote backup storage?
  • Are you looking for a service with flexible scalability, a favourable cost structure and transparent prediction of expenses?
  • Would you like to increase investments into your core business areas and minimize other costs at the same time?


Rely on us!

We specialize in complex and user-friendly cloud computing services provided with initial consultancy as a free bonus. We offer a professional scalable solution – Vegacloud.

Join us and enter a new dimension in IT! Virtualization of your IT environment helps consolidate your IT assets for better efficiency and most importantly, it enhances network security and better accessibility.

We operate Vegacloud in our own professional data center facility in Šárka, Prague 6, with roundthe-clock surveillance and attendance. You are welcome to visit us and see how our services can work for you.

You can become familiarized with the interface and try out the services in a full-range operational mode. In addition to this advance practical experience, you might appreciate the clearly structured contract and payment terms.




Cost Reduction & Improved Predictability:

  • Significant cost-saving at TCO level for HW & SW acquisition, support & maintenance (server room development, administration & maintenance, etc.)
  • Optimized operation enabling functional scalability
  • Pre-defined operational costs for IT infrastructure and SW platforms
  • Clearly defined costs related to the expansion or reduction of services and infrastructure as needed
  • Payments are charged for actual IT consumption, i.e. calculated for actually used capacity of HW or SW


Improved Security & Access to Technology

  • Services are operated at highly acessible mode (24/7/365))
  • Elimination of potential business loss in consequence of non-accessible service
  • Round-the-clock attendance at data center with hotline and permanent access for users
  • Access from anywhere, whenever and with use of any compatible intelligent device





  • IaaS – Infrastructure as a service (virtual server, data center, data repository) – structured rental of HW and SW, hosting service respectively, including operation system level and maintenance supporty
  • ​SaaS – Software as a service (anonymizing PDF documents, SW for service administration, assets management, etc.) – complex support forplatforms and licence administration
  • BCaaS – Business continuity as a service – ensuring reliable data backup service with fast data recovery
  • DRaaS – Disaster recovery as a service is an easily running solution ensuring ongoing functionality of your IT interfaces even in the case of failures, poweroutages or other breakdown situations



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