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Information kiosks provide information to the wider public, typically about urban mass transport possibilities within the city, travel timetables, integrated public transport system, closures, transport exceptions, and other. Displayed information covers news about the city, news placed by local authorities, instructions for resolving life situations, advertisements, etc.  The scope of displayable information can be modified according to the customer's wish. Information is presented on a touch panel with attributes helping to customize control for visually impaired persons or disabled persons using mobility devices (wheelchairs).


General Data:

Information kiosk can be rendered with additional amenities as follows:

  • Wall mounted or stand-alone
  • Touch screen
  • Annunciator for the blind
  • Card reader (city card, etc.)
  • Audiosystem
  • Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Intercom (customer communication)
  • Surveillance camera
  • Charging for mobile (hand-held) devices


System Benefits:

  • Improved accessibility of current information
  • Information reviews
  • Possibility to utilize income generated from advertising
  • Increased travel comfort.




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