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LED Traffic Sign - watch for children

Manufacturer: ELTODO, a.s.ELTODO, a.s.
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LED Traffic Sign - watch for children

Warning traffic sign A12 "WATCH FOR CHILDREN" with light-emitting diodes (LED) to highlight and complement the traffic signalling feature.

The traffic sign can be placed on a standalone pole in front of a pedestrian crossing, or mounted onto a public lighting pole, or installed on the hinged mast extension above traffic lanes. In addition to this arrangement, the sign can be interconnected with a flashing indication of pedestrian entering the crossing – the traffic lane. The indication capability activates LED flashing.

A wireless communicator may also activate the sign located in the median strip between opposite traffic lanes, or placed on the opposite side of the road.


Technical Description:

The traffic sign body is made of tough plastic PSH material based on vacuum positive mould forming technology. In the fixing cutout positions the body material is reinforced with a 2mm thick sheet metal plate which carries the electric installation. The front surface of the sign is made of 3mm thick strain hardened aluminium alloy.

The sign front face symbol is imaged on self-adhesive film. The red peripheral strip bordering the edge of the triangle-shaped sign carries a central line formed by 45 highly luminous diodes 10mm in diameter. The electronic section contains a contact-less breaker working on 1 Hz frequency. To ease the mounting operation, all cables and wires are ended with connectors. The front surface sheet is fixed to the sign body with 6 M5 screws.

The sign is power-supplied either from the LV distribution in locations where 230 V / 50 Hz is permanently available, or from the public lighting network and in this case the sign is added with a maintenance-free accumulator with a charger. This assembly ensures the ongoing required function of the alert traffic sign even during periods when the public lighting system is in Off mode.

The sign can beadded with a programmable switching clock (timer) to initiate operation in pre-defined intervals.